Friday, March 29, 2013

Open Your Heart

Am I living with an honest heart? This is what one must always ask oneself. You must maintain an honest heart. It is only by doing so that you will achieve peace. Peace comes with an honest and sincere heart.

Have you been honest with your spouse? Tell your spouse you love him or her every day. Never fail at this. You may not wake tomorrow. He or she may not come home tonight. Life is uncertain. Do not take love for granted. It is a gift only a few receive.

The words are easy. 

Today is the day you are to embrace life. Open your heart.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Embrace Life

Life does not always give us what we want or expect. We must learn to live with what it presents. Sometimes this is easy. We embrace good events. Sometimes it is difficult. We wonder about upheavals.

Life is stressful. Even the happy events. We must take both the good and bad one day at a time. Lean on each other. Follow our hearts. Do what is right. Consider others as well as ourselves. Keep an open mind. Live with a loving spirit.

We must not not delay moving forward with our lives. They can be shorter than we think. Embrace change. It can be frightening. I do not deny this. It can be stressful. Look to the longer term. Look to the end result and move forward. Do not be afraid of taking that fearful step. Do not let it overtake you.

These are my thoughts for today.

Monday, March 4, 2013


I am new to the blog world. I recently commented on some blogs, and found I had much to say. I'm here to say it. Whether anyone reads it, I cannot say. I can only put my thoughts out there and trust that the right person will read them.

I am 73. I have lived a full life. My heart has been full, and it has been broken and emptied. My house has been full, and it has been destroyed and laid bare. I have survived both. If nothing else, I am a testament to surviving.

I believe one should live well. Live honestly. Love with an open heart. Be true. True to oneself and true to all you come in contact with. Do not lie. To yourself or to others.

The basics of life are fairly simple.