Thursday, March 7, 2013

Embrace Life

Life does not always give us what we want or expect. We must learn to live with what it presents. Sometimes this is easy. We embrace good events. Sometimes it is difficult. We wonder about upheavals.

Life is stressful. Even the happy events. We must take both the good and bad one day at a time. Lean on each other. Follow our hearts. Do what is right. Consider others as well as ourselves. Keep an open mind. Live with a loving spirit.

We must not not delay moving forward with our lives. They can be shorter than we think. Embrace change. It can be frightening. I do not deny this. It can be stressful. Look to the longer term. Look to the end result and move forward. Do not be afraid of taking that fearful step. Do not let it overtake you.

These are my thoughts for today.


  1. Thanks I guess @Farrah. I know you mean well.

  2. I do, Miss Sarah. It will get better. Life will get better.

  3. Hmph. I posted a comment here yesterday, but I guess I goofed because it's not here now.

    So, take 2...

    About 8 years ago, I had an amazing streak of really good fortune. I was a relationship I was happy with; I was super-busy with work; and I lots of friends that I could afford to go out and do really cool stuff with. But it was stressful. And that caught me off guard.

    I have an extremely happy event coming up soon, and it too is a little stressful. But these are "quality problems", and I can live with that.

    Good post, @Farrah.

  4. Very nice post, @Farrah! I particularly like your last paragraph about looking to the longer term and end result, and not being afraid to move forward. Like @Steven said, we have an extremely happy event coming up soon, but it brings some stress with it. I'll take that quality problem. :-)

    You're right. Life is shorter than we think. We can't let the stressful details get us out of sorts. We need to focus on what's important and enjoy every moment of life.