Monday, March 4, 2013


I am new to the blog world. I recently commented on some blogs, and found I had much to say. I'm here to say it. Whether anyone reads it, I cannot say. I can only put my thoughts out there and trust that the right person will read them.

I am 73. I have lived a full life. My heart has been full, and it has been broken and emptied. My house has been full, and it has been destroyed and laid bare. I have survived both. If nothing else, I am a testament to surviving.

I believe one should live well. Live honestly. Love with an open heart. Be true. True to oneself and true to all you come in contact with. Do not lie. To yourself or to others.

The basics of life are fairly simple.


  1. @Farrah: I basics of life are indeed simple, but very difficult to achieve. I will keep trying though, for my fiancée, my family, my friends, and those incidental people that cross my path.

    Your words are beautiful.

    1. Thank you, Mr. Steven! I am so happy you read my blog and commented on the first day. I am also happy my words touched you. This is all I could ask. I am humbled.

    2. I didn't realize this was your first day. And I got to post the first comment. Yay!

    3. It has been in my thoughts to do for many years. Today was the day to do it.